Monthly Archives: January 2015

Do You Believe in New Year’s Resolutions?

Judging by today’s date (yes, nearing the end of January), you can probably guess that I am not much of one for new year resolutions. It strikes me as little more than an artificial construct to make promises that are destined to go unfulfilled. With that said, I admit it; I’m caving in to the […]

Why Asking “Have You Been ‘Media Trained?'” Destroys Career, Organizational Goals

I sometimes hear business executives say they have been “media trained.” What they mean is they have participated in a single communications training session. Such claims to perfect knowledge make me laugh and shake my head. They are no more media trained after a lone workshop than they are qualified to be a pilot after […]

Prepare to Get What You Want from Congress

This is how a company should prepare its CEO to testify before Congress. A recent testimony training workshop offers a model for how to make the most of that appearance before members of Congress who hold your fate in their hands. The ingredients for success? 1) An eager and inquisitive CEO, 2) government relations and […]

Ethics in Media: TV Anchor Suspended

Reporters should not undertake a public affairs or public relations role. Similarly, communications consultants should not pretend to be journalists. Yet as the Toronto Star writes, one Canadian anchor recently tried to get away with this unseemly melding of roles. There is so much wrong here, it’s hard to know where to begin. To be […]

FAQ: How Do We Decide Which of Our Staff Members Need Training?

Here’s another in our 2015 series of quick-hitting answers to questions that arise surrounding communications training. We’ll be dealing with these FAQs throughout the year. Today’s issue: Who gets to participate in a media training, presentation skills, or Congressional testimony training session? Of course, there is no pat answer that applies to every organization. So […]

New Year’s Resolution: Follow The Media Training Blog

Admittedly, I’m not much of one for new year’s resolutions. I realize it helps some people to get a running start on a new project, lifestyle, or learning experience. Then again, things usually peter out after a few weeks. If you doubt this, walk into any gym today, in early January. It’s packed. Walk in […]

Take a New Year’s Test Drive

Companies in search of consulting services have lots of questions. And rightly so. You wonder whether your  prospective consultant has the mandatory experience. You’re curious if he’s a good fit for your needs and what level of budget commitment you need to make in order to achieve your long-term business and career objectives.   In […]