Monthly Archives: February 2021

Get Your Copy of the Updated Buyer’s Guide

Magnetic messaging and strong communications skills are vital for executives who deal with the media, deliver presentations, and advocate before policymakers. You already know that if you are a regular visitor here. What stymies even the most experienced communicators is the challenge of nudging their C-suite and other spokespeople toward improvement. Sometimes it takes an […]

Educating the Next Generation of Communicators

How do communications experts learn to do what they do? Think about it. How did you settle on your career path? And how did you get where you’ve gotten in your professional life? Those are some of the questions today’s young people grapple with as they prepare to enter the communications field. How can we […]

Polish Your Performance Before the Press

Last week I had the pleasure of leading a book rap at the National Press Club for Reporters Don’t Hate You: 100+ Amazing Media Relations Strategies. One of the topics that generated interest was how to perform during a media interview, everything from what to wear, how to conduct a remote news conference, and what […]

Today’s Journalism, Social Justice, How to Land on “Meet the Press” — A C-suite Blueprint Radio Roundup

Every now and then I have this fantasy of returning to the radio airwaves (there are occasional dreams along those lines, too). It will never happen. The industry has had too much of the creativity sucked out of it. What I’ve done instead is turn to a series of interviews here known as C-suite Blueprint […]