Monthly Archives: May 2018

What to Do When the “On Air” Light Blazes

Last week we discussed how to prepare for an audio interview, either via radio talk shows or podcasts, as well as differences and similarities between the two media. Let us now turn to you in the studio, ready to perform. There is rarely reason for apprehension. Believe me, your host wants your interview to go […]

Podcast Preparation Possibilities

I love radio. I spent a decade as a broadcaster, learning a lot and having a ton of fun. Sadly, the medium is not what it used to be. Local radio has all but disappeared, news departments at commercial stations are a long-forgotten relic, and hardly a shred of creativity remains. This slack has been […]

How Your Communications Plan Shields You from a Crisis

The best crisis is the one that never happens. If only life were that predictable. Of course, you can’t inoculate your business against every contingency. But even the routine steps you take can stand you in good stead. Smart companies realize the value of communicating during and after a crisis. You certainly need a regularly […]

An Author’s News and Notes

The research and writing for my forthcoming book on communications strategy is coming along smartly. I can’t report any startling findings, perhaps because I’ve been practicing in this area (and writing and speaking about it) for quite some time. Still, there are some interesting nuances, some solid reminders, and some ideas I haven’t really explored […]

Not Everything Can Be Measured

I just finished reading a book that struck a chord with me. It’s titled The Tyranny of Metrics by Jerry Z. Muller, a history professor at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. Why did this resonate? Time and again, I have found it difficult to get companies to understand the benefits attached to […]