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How the Pandemic Has Altered Congressional Testimony

As with most things in life, the coronavirus pandemic has shifted the Congressional testimony landscape. Rather than appearing in an ornate hearing room, the odds are high that witnesses — and a fair share of the members of Congress — will appear remotely. In response, I’ve just published a new edition of the research report […]

Your Capitol Hill Fly-in Is Now a Zoom-in

No question about it. The coronavirus pandemic has created an entirely new Capitol Hill fly-in environment. Face to face meetings are all but impossible in the near term. Everyone has to adjust — your government relations staff, your advocates, Capitol Hill offices, and the consultant you work with to ready your troops. Will this at […]

Mailbag: Questions from the Online Road

I’ve had the recent pleasure of speaking before audiences at the National Institute for Lobbying & Ethics and the National Press Club. The appearances have all been on Zoom. There are many drawbacks to that technology, chief among them the lack of audience interaction before, during, and after the presentation. That said, there is one […]

Get Back to Where You Once Belonged

Picture this scenario a few weeks or months down the road. You’ve managed to struggle back to the office after a coronavirus-imposed isolation at home. You can’t quite get into the flow. Neither can your office mates. The water cooler chatter helps as does the simple joy of connecting with others face to face. Still, […]

Rising to the Communications Challenges Posed by Coronavirus

These are not normal times. I’m understating the case by several degrees, I realize. What are we to do when the real world comes to a grinding, scary coronavirus-instigated halt? Your company’s communications with the outside world must adapt. Face it. You will not be able to impart your message with maximum efficiency, so adjust […]

Fighting the Good Fight

Consider a public affairs campaign in which your firm is aiming to enact legislation. Your battle plan might look something like this, as suggested by Otto Lerbinger in Corporate Public Affairs: Interacting with Interest Groups, Media, and Government: Analysis of the state of affairs. This can cover such issues as which organizations oppose your stance, […]

Is Your Message Missing Its Call to Action?

A recent paper in the Stanford Social Innovation Review titled “Stop Raising Awareness Already” supports a principle I’ve long been driving home to my clients: Most messaging lacks a clear call to action. The paper’s authors, Ann Christiano and Annie Neimand, both of the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications, argue that raising […]