Monthly Archives: September 2018

Strategy Is the Bottom Line

“What do you do?” “Where do you work?” Striking up conversations in Washington, D.C., circles often begin with a variation of these questions. Strategy Rules When it’s my turn to answer (I prefer to let others do the talking first, finding it’s much easier to learn when my mouth is closed), my frequent response is […]

Reporting Live…or Not

“Is it live or is it Memorex?” That was the famous line from a commercial for recording tape (remember that passé medium?) many years ago. You would be wise to consider that question as you prepare for your next media interview. When I ask clients and colleagues what type of media outlets they are planning […]

A Mile Wide and an Inch Deep

Each of us is an expert in our own field. You may concentrate on accounting, marketing, science, technology, or any number of other disciplines. That’s your expertise. Mine happens to be helping businesses communicate with their publics. As a consultant in that area, I’m pulled into plenty of industries in which I have perhaps only […]