Monthly Archives: March 2017

Developing and Magnetizing Your Messaging

A few weeks ago I wrote about the concept of “Media Training in Stages”—an approach that supports the view that an effective professional development program involves more than a one-off workshop. The first of the four stages is developing and tightening your messaging. That’s where we’ll dig in now. Shaping a Magnetic Message It sounds […]

Five Minutes with Your Member of Congress

One of the best ways of advancing your public policy agenda is to make your company’s voice heard on Capitol Hill. What better way to do that than to conduct a Washington fly-in? Yes, let your grassroots advocates plead your case to their members of Congress. Spring not only brings the cherry blossoms to our […]

Media Training in Stages

I recently sat down to swap business tales with a colleague who runs a marketing agency. It’s always good to gain the perspective of others, and I am most appreciative of those who are generous with their ideas; I try to reciprocate whenever possible. Sometimes they can really help crystallize nascent ideas or raise new […]

How the New Administration’s Attacks on the Press Impact You

Alarm bells are ringing in some journalistic circles concerning the Trump administration’s broadsides against the press. I don’t do political commentary since my focus remains on media training and Congressional testimony preparation for corporate and association clients. Suffice to say our First Amendment rights need to remain sacrosanct. Leaving the politics for others, let us […]