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Message + Discipline = Reputation

Does the public know all it should about your company? More to the point, how do they perceive your reputation? Here are just some of the questions — accompanied by some suggestions — that your C-suite, communications staff, and public policy principals should be contemplating: ? Are you seeking to raise the public profile of […]

An Engaged C-suite Can Spare Your Reputation

It is imperative for your CEO, chair of the board, and the board as a whole to assume responsibility for your company’s reputation. Smart organizations know that their board is a decision-making body. A board meeting is not a place to review how wonderful (or how awful) things are. A well-functioning board’s agenda needs to […]

What Is Your Company’s Most Treasured Asset?

Companies that manage reputational threats sufficiently prepare as best they can and assess their performance afterward in an effort to improve future performance. Leadership takes seriously the need for preparation and review to manage shocks to their reputation’s system. Smart businesses take a comprehensive approach to risk management, taking into account various risks including strategic, […]

When Disaster Strikes

Industrial accident. Hurricane. Scandal involving your CEO. Wildfire. Your reputation is under siege. Crises wait in the wings for every company. You will not know precisely what shape your catastrophe will take. You will not know precisely when it will happen. You will not know the level of its severity. All that is guaranteed is […]

Introducing the Fourfold Bottom Line

In a recent piece in the C-suite Blueprint, I wrote about the fixation many businesses have with trying to measure everything (“Not Everything Can Be Measured,” May 1, 2018). To summarize, while there is nothing inherently wrong with gauging various indicators, not everything can be neatly packaged in a numeric box. How can you place a […]

How Your Communications Plan Shields You from a Crisis

The best crisis is the one that never happens. If only life were that predictable. Of course, you can’t inoculate your business against every contingency. But even the routine steps you take can stand you in good stead. Smart companies realize the value of communicating during and after a crisis. You certainly need a regularly […]

How You Can Capture the Credit for Your CEO’s Improvement

Let’s talk about the boss (assuming she’s not looming over your shoulder as you read this). I mean the big kahuna—your CEO. Clients sometimes ask me to deliver frank advice to their leadership. The difficulties could range from your leader’s favorite garish tie he sports for every speaking engagement to a penchant for talking about […]