Monthly Archives: March 2019

Can I Quote You on That?

The quotes from your C-suite officer following that media interview didn’t turn out quite as positive as you imagined. Gee, What a Nice Person The reporter seemed nice enough. She was polite to a fault, listened attentively, and took copious notes while nodding his head. Your executive thought all went well, although — oops — […]

Emotion Essentials

I’ve previously discussed the Audio Tools you have at your disposal when communicating in any situation from a speech to a packed auditorium to a one-on-one pitch. To review quickly, they are: Pitch Articulation Volume Emotion Rate In this missive, I want to concentrate on the most frequently ignored of these tools: Emotion. If you […]

When Disaster Strikes

Industrial accident. Hurricane. Scandal involving your CEO. Wildfire. Your reputation is under siege. Crises wait in the wings for every company. You will not know precisely what shape your catastrophe will take. You will not know precisely when it will happen. You will not know the level of its severity. All that is guaranteed is […]

Drinking from a Fire Hose

Not only does information come faster in the Minute by Minute News Cycle, it comes in much greater volume. Think about it. How closely can you really follow any single individual or organization on the fire hose known as Twitter? Your C-suite craves predictability. I understand. The fact remains it’s harder today than ever before […]