Monthly Archives: March 2018

Talking Out of Turn

The issue experts loved to talk with reporters. Unfortunately, this company’s professionals didn’t understand the rules of the journalistic road. A reporter might call in on their direct line or sidle up to them at a meeting, trying to pry loose information they couldn’t gain from the communications staff. The scribes were pursuing information not […]

How to Speak Reporter-ese

If you want to be an expert, you need to speak the lingo. Part of communications strategy involves serving as an interpreter when your C-suite leaders deal with the press. You need to know what basic terms of art mean so that 1) you can explain them to your spokespeople and 2) you don’t come […]

The Big Reveal

Don’t you love to be let in on a secret? I thought so. As a loyal member of our C-suite Blueprint community, here’s a sneak peek that I haven’t published anywhere else—until today. I’m working hard on my next book, to be published later in 2018. There. I’ve made the commitment publicly. I’m excited, to […]

Reporters Are Overdosing on Off the Record

Some reporters and media outlets—especially high profile publications like The Washington Post—make too much use of “off the record” comments. Scan the front page and you’ll see an untold number of quotes attributed to: “A senior administration official” “A source who attended the meeting” “A negotiator involved in the talks” I don’t mean to call […]