Monthly Archives: August 2016

Solving Your Public Speaking Roadblocks

Beyond plain old nervous tension, there is a bounty of reasons why some people just cannot seem to get the hang of public speaking. Let us lift the veil and examine why even some executives in positions of high responsibility are hesitant, and talk about some strategies for dealing with these presentation worries. As your […]

You Might Even Win a Free Book

Are you a Goodreads reader? If not, you may be wondering exactly what Goodreads is. It is a web site that serves as a communications channel between authors and their readers. You can post your thoughts about books you’ve read, add “Friends”, and “Follow” authors (like me — hint, hint). It gives readers the opportunity […]

Media Training: Why Practice Matters

It is important to realize that none of us are born with the innate ability to deal with the media. It is a complex set of skills acquired over time, much like the best carpenters, computer programmers, and doctors gain expertise. That is why media training is such a critical component for any organization that […]

Your Communications Training Budget

Remember the old days when TV networks used to air reruns all summer long? Since it’s August, I’m going to follow that trend and reprise one of my previous columns. I selected this one because the question continues to linger: How much does communications training cost? I encourage you to contribute your thoughts in the […]

Communicating During a Cybercrisis: Preparation Steps You Need to Heed

Following is an excerpt from my recently published position paper “The Forgotten Fear Factor: Communicating During a Hack Attack:” ————- The next time you read an article about a cyberattack and think, “That could have been us,” it’s too late. The hackers may already have infiltrated your system, too. How effectively are you ready to […]