Monthly Archives: July 2018

How to Launch a Speakers Bureau for Your Company’s Leaders

Not all experts are great speakers. I found proof of this when speaking before a group of meeting planners, I asked whether they had ever encountered top notch experts who proved incapable of talking about their expertise. In response, a ripple of nervous laughter surged through the crowd. Everybody Isn’t a Star I’m playing the […]

No Former Reporters in Your Media Relations Shop? Uh-oh

A colleague recently brought to my attention an article in The Washington Post by reporter Steve Pearlstein. It is headlined, ”’No comment’: The death of business reporting.” While Pearlstein covers the business beat, his thoughts are instructive for a cross section of media relations shops. A few things jump out. First, he writes that, in […]

The Three Keys to Great Presentations: A Recap

I dug back into the archives and noticed that it has been some time since we’ve reviewed the foundation of public speaking. I call it the Three Keys to Great Presentations. Shortly after launching my consultancy more than 20 years ago, I observed that clients were searching for a straightforward method for learning how to […]

Introducing the Fourfold Bottom Line

In a recent piece in the C-suite Blueprint, I wrote about the fixation many businesses have with trying to measure everything (“Not Everything Can Be Measured,” May 1, 2018). To summarize, while there is nothing inherently wrong with gauging various indicators, not everything can be neatly packaged in a numeric box. How can you place a […]

Why Your C-suite Improvement Plan Demands Long-term Focus

I sometimes sound like a broken record when it comes to sustained professional development programs for your C-suite leaders. When reading for business or pleasure, I’m forever conscious of research and opinion that buttresses this contention. Anecdotally, I’ve seen too many communications and government relations initiatives that sacrifice long-term benefits for a nearsighted “check the […]