Monthly Archives: October 2018

When You Don’t Have All the Time in the World

While leading a presentation skills training workshop, it became clear to me that the speakers were trying to cram too much content into too small a time frame. The content was all good, but something had to give. I’d wager that this has happened to nearly everyone. I know it’s happened to me. You think […]

Circle Your Calendar: January 8

It’s time for another reveal. My next book, A+ Strategies for C-Suite Communications: Turning Today’s Leaders into Tomorrow’s Influencers, is scheduled for publication on Tuesday, January 8. What is so special about a publication date? Won’t the book be available for sale any time after that? The answer is yes. All the same, the publication […]

I Command You to Look Natural

One of the hardest things for public figures to do is to look natural when someone tells them, “Look natural.” I recall a photo of the GOP presidential candidates early in the 2016 campaign that stands as proof. Every one of the public figures was accustomed to the spotlight’s glare thanks to years of high […]

Five Media Training Misconceptions

A series of media training workshops is frequently an integral part of a company’s communications strategy. Yet there are often misconceptions about this type of professional development despite its prevalence. This issue of the C-suite Blueprint examines five of the most misunderstood aspects about media training. It is a one-time affair. This is an all-too-common […]

Advocacy: Greatest Hits

Today we’ll take a look at some perhaps forgotten C-suite Blueprint gems dealing with advocacy. I’ve curated some of the best for your benefit in this top 10 greatest hits list. Do you have one entry that particularly resonates with you? Share your thoughts with the community in the “Leave a Reply” box below. Winning […]