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Persuasion Demands Immediacy

Much of the seminal research into nonverbal communications was conducted in the 1970s by Albert Mehrabian, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at UCLA. He found one of the most persuasive nonverbal indicators to be the immediacy of communication. Just think how important this becomes when you take questions from the audience, engage in an interview with […]

Eye Contact Diminishes Persuasive Abilities — August Redux

The dog days of summer. Whether you’re enjoying some cool mountain air or just lolling around the house, it’s time to slow down. That’s why I’m resurrecting some previous chestnuts from the C-suite Blueprint blog. This time around, remember to leave your comment in the “Leave a Reply” box below. “Look at me when I […]

Communications Training: The Three Vital Elements

Some communications and government relations pros labor under a false impression when it comes to training their C-suite to reach out to reporters, policymakers, and other audiences. They believe that their consultant’s sole duty is to make their executives talk pretty. Guess again. Any worthwhile training endeavor consists of three core elements: Message development Skills […]

Emotion Essentials

I’ve previously discussed the Audio Tools you have at your disposal when communicating in any situation from a speech to a packed auditorium to a one-on-one pitch. To review quickly, they are: Pitch Articulation Volume Emotion Rate In this missive, I want to concentrate on the most frequently ignored of these tools: Emotion. If you […]

To Tell the Truth

Many are the individuals who claim they can spot a liar. It’s gotten even worse with the advent of multiple TV cop shows that depict characters with superhuman powers of nonverbal acuity. Beware the self-proclaimed body language savant, for he may be lying to you. Oh, perhaps not intentionally in every case, but reports show […]

Speaking Nonverbally

I’ve written a lot lately about my new book, A+ Strategies for C-suite Communications: Turning Today’s Leaders into Tomorrow’s Influencers. The fact is I’ve published two books concurrently. Granted, I haven’t made that big a deal about the brand new second edition of The Truth About Public Speaking: The Three Keys to Great Presentations. Nonetheless, […]

I Command You to Look Natural

One of the hardest things for public figures to do is to look natural when someone tells them, “Look natural.” I recall a photo of the GOP presidential candidates early in the 2016 campaign that stands as proof. Every one of the public figures was accustomed to the spotlight’s glare thanks to years of high […]