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Who Do You Trust?

Editor’s note: The coronavirus crisis continues to unfold, and is likely to endure for weeks and months. The C-suite Blueprint blog will continue to publish information I hope you find useful today and in the future, whatever that may hold. Your comments are always welcome in the “Leave a Reply” box below. For the 20th […]

Introducing the Fourfold Bottom Line

In a recent piece in the C-suite Blueprint, I wrote about the fixation many businesses have with trying to measure everything (“Not Everything Can Be Measured,” May 1, 2018). To summarize, while there is nothing inherently wrong with gauging various indicators, not everything can be neatly packaged in a numeric box. How can you place a […]

Join the Communications Community, Gain Fresh Perspectives

Communications and government relations executives now have a fresh resource to help them advise their C-suite executives. Introducing the “Communications Community.” Every month, members gain strategic guidance on how to assert their communications strategy, deal with the media, deliver winning presentations, and advocate before policymakers. You don’t always have time for an in depth dive […]

An Author’s News and Notes

The research and writing for my forthcoming book on communications strategy is coming along smartly. I can’t report any startling findings, perhaps because I’ve been practicing in this area (and writing and speaking about it) for quite some time. Still, there are some interesting nuances, some solid reminders, and some ideas I haven’t really explored […]

The Big Reveal

Don’t you love to be let in on a secret? I thought so. As a loyal member of our C-suite Blueprint community, here’s a sneak peek that I haven’t published anywhere else—until today. I’m working hard on my next book, to be published later in 2018. There. I’ve made the commitment publicly. I’m excited, to […]

Communications and Marketing: A Marriage Made in Hades

When someone tells me they do marketing communications, I sometimes ask which one. I’m not trying to be a wise guy (okay, maybe a little bit). I’m simply curious what their job involves. A misguided business trend has taken root in recent years that calls for the merging of the communications and marketing functions. This […]

Applying Your Audio Tools

Today’s entry is an excerpt from my updated position paper, “How Important Are Nonverbal Signals?” Prosody is a fancy word academics use to describe the vocal intonations that accompany speech and help convey meaning. For ease of understanding, I label these your Audio tools. They tend to transmit your level of authority or influence to […]