Monthly Archives: December 2013

Holiday Hiatus

It’s been a busy December, with travel to my daughter’s wedding in Moscow followed by last minute holiday preparations. I’ll be using these next two weeks to refresh, recharge, and plan for lots of valuable content in 2014. Keep your eyes open for a new research report on thought leadership, a tip sheet to help […]

Top 10 Hot Tips to Prepare for Your Next Media Interview (Part 2)

Earlier this week, we featured the first portion of basic media interview recommendations. Now let’s wrap up with another five hot tips: Ask questions of others who have encountered the reporter before. The more you learn about the reporter’s depth of background on your issue and interview style, the better prepared you will be. Remember […]

Top 10 Hot Tips to Prepare for Your Next Media Interview (Part 1)

Dealing with reporters is not a skill innate to any of us. It takes time, experience, and lots of practice to become a go-to media interview subject. If you are already an experienced hand when it comes to reporter relationships, today’s advice serves as a reminder of some of the highlights to keep in mind. […]

Witness Preparation Reminders

Observing committee hearings on Capitol Hill always brings to mind some of the basics that any organization should heed before climbing those golden stairs to testify: Decide who will testify on your behalf. The best choice may or may not be your president or CEO. Research the lawmakers’ or regulators’ records to be sure you […]

Classic Headline Malaprop

This headline goes back a few years, yet still remains an all-time classic. Hard to tell if it was tongue in cheek (pardon the pun). But there it was, above the fold on the front page of The Washington Post business section on May 26, 2005.