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Your Consultant’s Responsibility

Communications strategy consultants can – and bear an obligation to – motivate extended learning for your C-suite by suggesting specific steps, both formal and informal. Your executives need insights into why they need to practice after their workshop, understanding that they are not undergoing training simply for its own sake. There’s a much larger goal […]

How Much Consulting Has Your Consultant Really Done?

I can sometimes hear the tension in my potential clients’ voices. They are seeking communications training services and are puzzled just how to go about choosing the right consultant. They may be in search of media training for a newly promoted executive. Perhaps a keynote to a crucial trade group is right around the corner. […]

The Missing Key to Improvement

“Where did I put my keys?” How many times has each of us forgotten that vital piece of information? Unfortunately, many a speaker loses track of an important presentation key. It is assessing feedback—the third and most oft-neglected part of “The Three Keys to Great Presentations.” I find these three keys invaluable when leading presentation […]

The Basics of Communications: A Review

The start of 2016 is as good a time as any to review some basics when it comes to communicating with reporters, policymakers, and audiences of any sort. Let’s begin with a few thoughts to improve your media relations capabilities: Anticipate your key issues and construct solid messages for them; Role play with those individuals […]

Live Interviews and News Conferences

Looking for more tips on how to perform in your dealings with the press? Try out these morsels: Control the flow during a news conference. You choose who asks questions in what order. Do not allow your news conference to drag on endlessly. Set your time limit and stick to it. Assign one person the […]

Keep the Audience on Your Side

I cannot emphasize often enough the value of ongoing professional development. Successful executives understand the need to enhance their knowledge, skills, and competence on a continuing basis. This applies to many areas, including public speaking abilities. Let’s examine the value of Preparation – the first of the Three Keys to Great Presentations™. Legendary comedian W.C. […]

Corrections, Clarifications, and “On the Record”

Do you have a sensitive media interview looming? Here is some more practical advice to help you navigate those rocky shoals. Remain flexible on the day of your interview. Media outlets are always besieged by breaking news. Don’t pester a journalist by asking when your article will appear in print or on the air. It […]