Monthly Archives: November 2020

Shocking the Conscience — A Civil Rights Conversation with Carol Booker

This edition of C-suite Blueprint Radio features a conversation with Carol Booker. She is the widow of Simeon Booker, the legendary reporter who was among the first to shine a light on civil rights injustices in the 1950s. Together, they wrote Shocking the Conscience, which draws upon Simeon Booker’s first-hand reports telling the story of […]

Your Presentation Skills Count, No Matter Where or When

Following is an excerpt based on the second edition of The Truth About Public Speaking: The Three Keys to Great Presentations. Buy it here or at your favorite bookseller. Most people tend to think that presentation skills are important only when they watch someone deliver a speech. But this aptitude is crucial to success in […]

How Media Interviews Have Changed

Longstanding media relations principles still apply when participating in interviews with reporters in the field. You still need a rock solid message and first-rate communications skills. Yet in these times when we need to enforce physical distancing, some changes have occurred. (By the way, this need to stay apart has axed one of my favorite […]

Screen Sharing on Zoom — Good When Done Right

We have all came to the realization that in person presentations and media interviews are not going to return any time soon. The lack of human interaction during presentations is especially nerve wracking for those speakers who use their slides as a crutch. How will they manage without them? The semi-good news: You can still […]