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Hire a “PR” Expert for a Crisis, You’ll Create Another Crisis

The Lab for Character Assassination and Reputation Politics (CARP) recently sponsored a webinar with crisis management expert Eric Dezenhall titled, “Clickbait Journalism and Public Character.” It’s worth a listen. Dezenhall has never been accused of being a shrinking violet, and this appearance was no exception. He expressed his long-held belief that “The PR world was […]

Introducing Ed-itorials

You may know that I’m a former radio broadcaster. I loved the medium and the ability to create wordscapes — to let the listener paint their own pictures. I can’t count the number of times I met listeners and was greeted with “Oh, that’s what you look like” (while I fantasized that many of them […]

What to Do After Your Media Interview

Here’s an excerpt based on Chapter Five of my latest book, Reporters Don’t Hate You: 100+ Amazing Media Relations Strategies, available wherever you prefer to buy your books. The chapter contains “Hot 100+ Media Tips.” This segment revolves around how vital it is to assess performance after each and every media interview. Debrief your performance […]

Off the Record: Setting Universal Standards

What does it mean to go “off the record” with a reporter? I’ve just updated a report — Can We Talk Off the Record? Increasing Understanding Between Reporters and Media Relations Experts — that answers that question. No standardized definitions exist. Ask one reporter what off the record means and you’ll get one response. Ask […]

Messaging: Greatest Hits

Your favorite bands and artists issue greatest hits collections every so often. Put out a few new albums, then harvest the best. So, I figured, why not take the same approach here on the C-suite Blueprint blog? Here is a greatest hits compilation of previous posts related to messaging — how to do it, who […]

Simulations Generate Communications Success

Today’s dispatch is an entry from the Insider Strategies briefs series. This is just one of the resources you can choose to receive when you join the Communications Community. See the details below on how you can get yours. Do you want to improve your organization’s media interview and public speaking talents? Try conducting simulations […]

Farewell, Twitter (Almost)

One of the ways I’ve encouraged clients and colleagues to stay connected is via Twitter. No more. I’ve been taking the first part of 2021 to reexamine the methods I use to communicate. While that assessment is not yet complete (I’m still noodling around with what this blog will look like in the future, and […]