Monthly Archives: May 2020

The Transition from Journalism to Communications

Today on C-suite Blueprint Radio I interview Alan Bjerga. I’ve known Alan for over a decade, first as the agricultural reporter for Bloomberg News and as president of the National Press Club. He’s also the author of Endless Appetites. In 2018, he made the transition from life as a reporter to a career in communications. […]

Staying in Shape

Last week I talked about what it might take to emerge from our pandemic in reasonably solid business shape. Today I want to bring this into clearer focus. Here’s what I’m suggesting to clients (and anyone else who will listen). Focus on these two things: Commit to keeping your communications skills sharp. Review videos of […]

Get Back to Where You Once Belonged

Picture this scenario a few weeks or months down the road. You’ve managed to struggle back to the office after a coronavirus-imposed isolation at home. You can’t quite get into the flow. Neither can your office mates. The water cooler chatter helps as does the simple joy of connecting with others face to face. Still, […]

The Debut of C-suite Blueprint Radio

Today begins a new chapter for your humble blogger — the advent of C-suite Blueprint Radio. I’m excited by the prospect of dusting off my radio broadcasting skills and adding audio programming to the mix here. I’ll be interviewing a range of experts on matters related to communications and public affairs strategy. The Q&A is […]