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What to Do After Your Media Interview

Here’s an excerpt based on Chapter Five of my latest book, Reporters Don’t Hate You: 100+ Amazing Media Relations Strategies, available wherever you prefer to buy your books. The chapter contains “Hot 100+ Media Tips.” This segment revolves around how vital it is to assess performance after each and every media interview. Debrief your performance […]

Seeking the Right Strategic Communications Consultant

One longstanding publication of mine is ”A Buyer’s Guide to Communications Strategy Consultants,” now in its sixth edition. I initially wrote it more than a decade ago to help potential clients separate the wheat from the chaff, and have updated it periodically since. Why? Finding the right fit in an expert advisor can be a challenge […]

When to Memorize Your Presentation

There are certain questions about presentation skills that arise often: Do I need to memorize my speech? Is it okay to use notes during my remarks? Should I go with a full text speech? Don’t my slides act my notes? What this all boils down to is confidence, or a lack thereof. Many speakers I’ve […]

Your Presentation Skills Count, No Matter Where or When

Following is an excerpt based on the second edition of The Truth About Public Speaking: The Three Keys to Great Presentations. Buy it here or at your favorite bookseller. Most people tend to think that presentation skills are important only when they watch someone deliver a speech. But this aptitude is crucial to success in […]

Screen Sharing on Zoom — Good When Done Right

We have all came to the realization that in person presentations and media interviews are not going to return any time soon. The lack of human interaction during presentations is especially nerve wracking for those speakers who use their slides as a crutch. How will they manage without them? The semi-good news: You can still […]

Mailbag: Questions from the Online Road

I’ve had the recent pleasure of speaking before audiences at the National Institute for Lobbying & Ethics and the National Press Club. The appearances have all been on Zoom. There are many drawbacks to that technology, chief among them the lack of audience interaction before, during, and after the presentation. That said, there is one […]

Remote Presentations Still Call for the Three Keys

Everyone is fixated these days on how to deliver remarks on Zoom. But don’t think everything about public speaking has changed just because the venue has shifted. While there are logistical differences from in-person presentations, I submit that we still need to abide by the same tried and true public speaking principles stellar speakers have […]