Monthly Archives: February 2019

To Tell the Truth

Many are the individuals who claim they can spot a liar. It’s gotten even worse with the advent of multiple TV cop shows that depict characters with superhuman powers of nonverbal acuity. Beware the self-proclaimed body language savant, for he may be lying to you. Oh, perhaps not intentionally in every case, but reports show […]

Where Do You Fit?

Sustained professional development programs are best for achieving long-term effects. Such an approach helps to achieve long run benefits like a shinier reputation, a promotion on the job, victory before lawmakers and regulators. Too often the focus is on a one-time affair. Many involved with communications strategy and training view me as a heretic due […]

Small Victories Can Motivate Your C-suite

Today’s post is an excerpt from my new book A+ Strategies for C-suite Communications: Turning Today’s Leaders into Tomorrow’s Influencers. I invite you to share this post on your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter channels; on your blog; and among your colleagues. Your C-suite influencers hold in their hands the responsibility for communicating your business’ […]

Going Offsite for Your C-suite’s Professional Development

Communications and government relations executives sometimes ask me how they can persuade their C-suite leaders to sharpen their communications edge. Gentle and subtle persuasion often works best. It’s akin to coaxing your kids to eat their vegetables. Forcing them to sit at the table and down them is rarely successful. Showing them how much you […]