Monthly Archives: January 2018

How Much Does Your Consultant Really Know?

Lots of people bill themselves as strategic media training or presentation skills consultants. Some of them are very good. I’ve collaborated with them; I know. Others leave much to be desired. For the well-being of your business and the reputation of your C-suite denizens, you need to be alert to your prospective consultant’s specific qualifications. […]

The All-powerful, All-knowing C-suite Executive (?)

The perception exists that, by the time executives ascend to the C-suite they are omniscient and all powerful. Financial expertise? You bet. Savvy at dealing with people? Check. Working knowledge of legal clashes facing the business? Right. Insightful when it comes to the inevitable cyberattack? Yup. Herding a board of directors? Sure. Expert at communicating […]

A Thirst for More Communications Strategy

Some large to mid-size companies rely on freelancers to implement their communications plans. They contact reporters, conduct media outreach operations, and write news releases, among other duties. Many of them are very good at what they do. I know firsthand, as several have brought me in to help with the strategic part—primarily messaging, training, and […]

Meet the C-suite Blueprint Blog

Astute readers will note that the title of my blog has changed. Welcome to the new C-suite Blueprint. Why the name change? It reflects a more focused goal. For more than 20 years, my consultancy has concentrated on communications training—teaching executives how to deal with reporters, speak in public, and testify on Capitol Hill. Those […]