Monthly Archives: November 2013

Keep the Audience Perspective in Mind

Your syntax can help you in your efforts to connect with your audience. Here’s what I mean. You may hear some speakers say, “We created this graphic.” That may be true. But the hard fact is your audience doesn’t particularly care what you created. They care how it affects them. Frame your remarks from the […]

No Pass Outs Allowed

The mere thought of walking to the front of the room to speak causes the blood to rush to your head. You feel like you’re in danger of passing out. Self-doubt not only creeps in, it bursts through the door carrying a big sign that says, “LOSER!” Given this sometimes typical speaker mindset, is it […]

Stand Up Straight, Speak with Authority

“The guy you’ll be working with is really difficult/demanding/brutal with staff…” I’ve heard variations on that theme in advance of leading certain media training workshops. Once in the room, however, I sometimes wonder what these people were talking about. Is the boss direct? Yes. To the point? To be sure. Suffers fools gladly? Not on […]

Watching a Train Wreck

I recently attended a presentation by a business author whose book I planned to read, but never got around to it. When I heard she was coming to my town of Washington, D.C., I signed up to attend. Boy, what a disappointment. She began with a story that was overly long and altogether pointless. I […]

Move Along, Nothing New to See Here

Every now and then a study comes down the pike that is so obvious as to be laughable. Here’s the latest. A group of researchers from Harvard’s Department of Psychology have discovered that—get ready—people identify faces by gender and race. Yup, when we look at somebody we actually notice whether they are male or female, […]

What We Know about Eye Contact Is Wrong

“Look at me when I talk to you!” How many moms, dads, husbands, wives, and bosses have shouted that line? Well, if they’re trying to persuade you to take out the trash, pick up after yourself, or do the job their way, they might be fighting against themselves. Of importance to those of us in […]