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Crisis Strikes, and Your C-suite Freezes — August Redux

Crises never take a vacation. Calamity may hit your business in the middle of winter or the current dog days of summer. This encore presentation helps you open your C-suite’s eyes when time comes to confront a crisis. Some executives labor under the impression that communications experts can make a crisis go away. Would that […]

A Bad Mix: Communications and Marketing — August Redux

Our August parade of greatest hits continues. This golden oldie is a remake whose lyrics explain why there’s really no such thing as “marketing communications.” Happy summer. When someone tells me they do marketing communications, I sometimes ask which one. I’m not trying to be a wise guy (okay, maybe a little bit). I’m simply […]

Eye Contact Diminishes Persuasive Abilities — August Redux

The dog days of summer. Whether you’re enjoying some cool mountain air or just lolling around the house, it’s time to slow down. That’s why I’m resurrecting some previous chestnuts from the C-suite Blueprint blog. This time around, remember to leave your comment in the “Leave a Reply” box below. “Look at me when I […]

Why You Need a Crisis Communications Plan — August Redux

It’s August. Whether you’re at the beach, a mountain lake, or just lazing at home with a summer read, it’s time to kick back. So it is here at the C-suite Blueprint blog. It’s not totally sleepy time, however. I’m resurrecting some old favorites you may have missed the first time around. Comments in the […]