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A Range of Resources to Keep Your Head Above Water

The past few weeks have been a blur for all of us. Was it really less than a month ago we were all told to stay home? Could it be possible that I have not used Washington’s Metro subway since last month? Why is this monk-like existence beginning to feel customary? My sense is that […]

The Reluctant Communicator: A Strategy for Improvement

Let us consider two questions that prove perplexing for many businesses. First, why do C-suite influencers, board members, and issue experts need to master communications skills? Second, how can you encourage the reluctant executives among you to improve? An answer to the first question seems patently obvious. Superior communications skills are essential if you want […]

When Your C-suite Meets the Media

Logistics matter. You need to consider so many minute specifics when offering up your C-suite to the media. As your company’s chief communicator, you, not they, are the expert in media relations. You know how to relate to reporters, so explain to your top brass what it takes to become a media influencer. Let’s cover […]

What’s It All About?

If you’re a regular reader, you know that I’ve been sharing excerpts from my latest book, A+ Strategies for C-Suite Communications: Turning Today’s Leaders into Tomorrow’s Influencers, here on the C-suite Blueprint blog. My hope is that these passages give you the insights you need to counsel your executives when they deal with the press, […]

Can I Quote You on That?

The quotes from your C-suite officer following that media interview didn’t turn out quite as positive as you imagined. Gee, What a Nice Person The reporter seemed nice enough. She was polite to a fault, listened attentively, and took copious notes while nodding his head. Your executive thought all went well, although — oops — […]

Small Victories Can Motivate Your C-suite

Today’s post is an excerpt from my new book A+ Strategies for C-suite Communications: Turning Today’s Leaders into Tomorrow’s Influencers. I invite you to share this post on your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter channels; on your blog; and among your colleagues. Your C-suite influencers hold in their hands the responsibility for communicating your business’ […]

Going Offsite for Your C-suite’s Professional Development

Communications and government relations executives sometimes ask me how they can persuade their C-suite leaders to sharpen their communications edge. Gentle and subtle persuasion often works best. It’s akin to coaxing your kids to eat their vegetables. Forcing them to sit at the table and down them is rarely successful. Showing them how much you […]