Monthly Archives: September 2019

The Reluctant Communicator: A Strategy for Improvement

Let us consider two questions that prove perplexing for many businesses. First, why do C-suite influencers, board members, and issue experts need to master communications skills? Second, how can you encourage the reluctant executives among you to improve? An answer to the first question seems patently obvious. Superior communications skills are essential if you want […]

Fighting the Good Fight

Consider a public affairs campaign in which your firm is aiming to enact legislation. Your battle plan might look something like this, as suggested by Otto Lerbinger in Corporate Public Affairs: Interacting with Interest Groups, Media, and Government: Analysis of the state of affairs. This can cover such issues as which organizations oppose your stance, […]

Your Consultant’s Responsibility

Communications strategy consultants can – and bear an obligation to – motivate extended learning for your C-suite by suggesting specific steps, both formal and informal. Your executives need insights into why they need to practice after their workshop, understanding that they are not undergoing training simply for its own sake. There’s a much larger goal […]

Follow Up or Letdown?

What percentage of executives call for more learning upon the completion of a communications training workshop? I’ve asked that question of fellow consultants. It often elicits a thoughtful pause. Maybe that is due to the fact that they were trying to calculate percentages, or they may never have considered the question before (which would be […]