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Add Your Media Tips to this List

It’s back. More from my series “Hot 100 Media Tips.” Catch the entire series by signing up to follow The Media Training Blog in the column to your right. Videotape all of your media training exercises. And don’t forget to critique the video immediately afterward. Ask the reporter who else she has talked to for […]

Thanks, PRSA-NCC

I’d be remiss not to thank my gracious hosts for my presentation last Wednesday morning to the Public Relations Society of America’s National Capital Chapter on the topic of working with reporters and getting your spokespeople up to speed. Susan Apgood and Danny Selnick organized a top-notch event, with Susan doubling as moderator. Fellow panelist […]

TV Interview Best Practices

When you’re called upon to appear live on TV, the stakes are high. Use the first few pieces of advice excerpted from these “Hot 100 Media Tips” to help you get acclimated. Catch the entire series by signing up to follow The Media Training Blog in the column to your right. Let the technicians do […]

The Changed Newsroom: Why You Need to Understand It

It’s not easy being a journalist. During my days as a reporter, I always appreciated sources who made my job easier. A useful perspective in many a media training workshop involves a primer on what a reporter’s day is like. Their challenges range from incredible deadline pressures to gruff editors to poor sources. There may […]

See You July 22 in DC

This is a quick note — especially for those of you in the Washington, D.C., area — to let the community here know about a panel discussion I’ll be part of next week. Communicators seeking a seat at the decision-making table will get a helping hand at Wednesday, July 22, presentation to the Public Relations […]

Ten More Ideas for Working with the Scribe Tribe

Reporters love good sources — experts who know their material and can dish it out in easily understandable sound bites. Are you striving to make it to the media major leagues? I’ve assembled a list of “Hot 100 Media Tips” to help you get there. You’ll find 10 of them here, with more to follow. […]

Reporters Don’t Hate You

After I delivered a speech a while ago, an aspiring journalist in the audience approached me. She graciously offered her thanks for one particular item I pointed out during my remarks—the need to view reporters with a positive attitude. She noted that, in her newsroom training, a disturbing number of subjects expressed a distinct loathing […]