Monthly Archives: March 2020

Videos Examine News Viewing Habits, Podcasts

Are you changing the way you keep pace with the news in the current coronavirus environment? Perhaps in these times of virtual connections, you’re doing more podcast interviews. Check out two new videos in the “Communications Q&A with Ed Barks” series. The video surrounding our habits as news consumers poses the question, how should I […]

Who Do You Trust?

Editor’s note: The coronavirus crisis continues to unfold, and is likely to endure for weeks and months. The C-suite Blueprint blog will continue to publish information I hope you find useful today and in the future, whatever that may hold. Your comments are always welcome in the “Leave a Reply” box below. For the 20th […]

Rising to the Communications Challenges Posed by Coronavirus

These are not normal times. I’m understating the case by several degrees, I realize. What are we to do when the real world comes to a grinding, scary coronavirus-instigated halt? Your company’s communications with the outside world must adapt. Face it. You will not be able to impart your message with maximum efficiency, so adjust […]

Persuasion Demands Immediacy

Much of the seminal research into nonverbal communications was conducted in the 1970s by Albert Mehrabian, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at UCLA. He found one of the most persuasive nonverbal indicators to be the immediacy of communication. Just think how important this becomes when you take questions from the audience, engage in an interview with […]

The Media’s Role in the Coronavirus Crisis

It’s scary. None of us — medical experts included — really know how this coronavirus outbreak is going to unwind. We can hope that its impact in the U.S. will not rise to the devastating proportions it has reached in places like China, Iran, Italy, and South Korea. The best defense at this point is […]