Monthly Archives: May 2016

The Corporate Banana Peel

Today’s entry is based on one of the 20 case studies in my position paper, “Beyond the Bottom Line: 20 Ways to Reduce Reputational Risk.” The risk Your media training workshop was a disaster, so your spokespeople proved unprepared for the launch of your hot, new product. The Background There goes all that hard work that […]

An 8-step Program for Using New Media in Your Communications Efforts

How can you make the most of today’s new media tools to help you deal with reporters, speak in public, and persuade policymakers? This 8-step program points you down the right path. Step 1: Realize that new media are simply communications tools—nothing more, nothing less. They still require both talking and listening. Step 2: Familiarize […]

Winning Executive Buy-in: A Case Study

Here’s a question I received from an executive with responsibility for her organization’s communications endeavors. As the result of longstanding efforts to capture the attention her C-suite executives, she finally got them to commit to a day-long meeting to hammer out their communications goals. She was seeking advice on how to structure the day in […]

Do First What You Do Well

Some individuals are content to muddle along. Their fear of public speaking can be positively paralyzing. Is it really worth the time and effort to shake that image of being a subpar speaker? Let me reframe that question: Does it matter to you if your co-workers are getting promotions ahead of you? Could it affect […]

Are You Guilty of Media Training Malpractice?

Media training doesn’t work—at least as practiced by many organizations. A single workshop does not an effective spokesperson make. Rather, media training done right requires a sustained approach to continuing communications education. Sadly, too many communications officers are either enablers or clueless. I can only shake my head in dismay when I see otherwise intelligent […]