Monthly Archives: February 2018

The Minute by Minute News Cycle

Once upon a time, newspapers published once a day and everyone gathered around the TV to get the day’s news from Walter Cronkite. Communications and government relations executives could advise the C-suite how the day’s news was going to play with some degree of certainty. Such was the daily news cycle. Along came CNN in […]

How to Craft a Magnetic Message

There are many methods capable of shaping a strong message. As with most things, there is no single right way. If someone tries to sell you on the fact that they’ve developed a message box (or some such technique) that fits every situation, be very skeptical. Today’s entry offers some video highlights to help you […]

Look at Me, I’m a Piñata!

As chief communicator for your company, you sometimes need to fall on your sword for the good of the order. On occasion, it’s for the good of your CEO, too. But, hey, that comes with the turf. The fact is you need to take the heat when reporters set your telephone line ablaze with calls […]