Monthly Archives: December 2017

Why Smart Executives Evaluate Their Performance

Assessing feedback. Its value was driven home during a recent presentation skills engagement I led for a new client. During our collaboration, the company’s leadership committed to assessing feedback following each of their presentations. They vowed to take specific steps to improve their performance and, thereby, boost their bottom line results. Other companies would be […]

Speaking Truth to Your C-suite

The fact is your CEO is sometimes his own worst enemy. Part of the role of a trusted advisor involves delivering frank advice to a company’s leaders. If you need someone to lay the cards on the table in your workplace, consider hiring some outside help. Your issues could range from your CEO’s favorite lime […]

Using Video to Advance Your Communications Strategy

Some refer to it as “thought leadership,” others as “content marketing.” Regardless of your chosen term of art, reaching out to clients, customers, members, and other publics with expert, useful information is key to raising your professional profile. Some may argue this is little more than a novelty. Only time will tell. We won’t go […]