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Educating the Next Generation of Communicators

How do communications experts learn to do what they do? Think about it. How did you settle on your career path? And how did you get where you’ve gotten in your professional life? Those are some of the questions today’s young people grapple with as they prepare to enter the communications field. How can we […]

Today’s Journalism, Social Justice, How to Land on “Meet the Press” — A C-suite Blueprint Radio Roundup

Every now and then I have this fantasy of returning to the radio airwaves (there are occasional dreams along those lines, too). It will never happen. The industry has had too much of the creativity sucked out of it. What I’ve done instead is turn to a series of interviews here known as C-suite Blueprint […]

Journalism Under Siege and the Struggle for Press Freedom

Reporters under attack. Unfounded allegations of “fake news.” Journalism’s reputation bottoming out. What are legitimate news outlets to do? That’s where the National Press Club Journalism Institute (NPCJI) enters the picture. This edition of C-suite Blueprint Radio features a conversation with the institute’s Executive Director Julie Moos. Her organization advocates for a free press by […]

Shocking the Conscience — A Civil Rights Conversation with Carol Booker

This edition of C-suite Blueprint Radio features a conversation with Carol Booker. She is the widow of Simeon Booker, the legendary reporter who was among the first to shine a light on civil rights injustices in the 1950s. Together, they wrote Shocking the Conscience, which draws upon Simeon Booker’s first-hand reports telling the story of […]

The Regional Reporter — An Integral Part of the DC Journalism Landscape

This edition of C-suite Blueprint Radio features a conversation with Jonathan Salant, Washington Correspondent for New Jersey Advance Media. He is also the president of the Regional Reporters Association. That association consists of journalists who cover the nation’s capital for their hometown newspapers, both print and online. Its website notes that members “help each other […]

The Impact of Today’s Social Justice Movement on Communicators

This edition of C-suite Blueprint Radio features a conversation with Neil Foote, of Foote Communications. He is also the president of the National Black Public Relations Society. The topic? How the heightened attention to social justice is affecting the communications field and those who work in it. The society has 400-plus members comprised of public […]

C-suite Blueprint Radio Programming Notes

Are you eager to learn from the experts about vital communications issues like how to prepare for satellite media interviews, what it takes to pitch big-time interview programs, and why bottom up communications outshines top down? And what should you heed if you’re a reporter considering a shift from journalism to communications? I examine issues […]