Monthly Archives: January 2020

Call in the Media Training Brigade

You need a program capable of teaching your C-suite the essentials of acing media interviews. Perhaps you have a big interview opportunity on the horizon, an issue campaign you’re preparing to launch, or a leadership shakeup that positions some newly promoted individuals as your fresh face to the public. You’ve made the decision to organize […]

Baseball in Crisis: Dueling News Conferences

I’m a huge baseball fan. Sadly, the cheating Houston Astros and Boston Red Sox are making it hard for all of us devotees. I won’t go into the specifics of the scandals surrounding both teams. You can get that from any news source. Major League Baseball and everyone connected with it have to be breathing […]

Remote Media Training Solutions — Do They Work?

A soup-to-nuts media training workshop isn’t always feasible. I’ve uncovered two primary reasons for this: You’ve booked a last-minute interview due to take place in a matter of hours with an important media outlet. You’ve never undertaken a media training program before and want to get a taste of what it’s like before diving in […]

Good Night and Good Luck

Legendary broadcast newsman Edward R. Murrow ended his broadcasts by wishing listeners, “Good night and good luck.” Sadly, that is now my message to TV newsrooms. I’m all but giving up on television news. It’s not that I’ll never watch again. But it has ceased to be an integral part of my day. My common […]