Monthly Archives: December 2015

Live Interviews and News Conferences

Looking for more tips on how to perform in your dealings with the press? Try out these morsels: Control the flow during a news conference. You choose who asks questions in what order. Do not allow your news conference to drag on endlessly. Set your time limit and stick to it. Assign one person the […]

Q&A Quandary

Today’s entry is based on one of the 20 case studies in my position paper, “Beyond the Bottom Line: 20 Ways to Reduce Reputational Risk.” The risk Your pivotal presentation goes fine. The Q&A session? That’s another story. The Background You spent weeks preparing for your talk to your industry’s top association. All the bigwigs you […]

Keep the Audience on Your Side

I cannot emphasize often enough the value of ongoing professional development. Successful executives understand the need to enhance their knowledge, skills, and competence on a continuing basis. This applies to many areas, including public speaking abilities. Let’s examine the value of Preparation – the first of the Three Keys to Great Presentations™. Legendary comedian W.C. […]

Corrections, Clarifications, and “On the Record”

Do you have a sensitive media interview looming? Here is some more practical advice to help you navigate those rocky shoals. Remain flexible on the day of your interview. Media outlets are always besieged by breaking news. Don’t pester a journalist by asking when your article will appear in print or on the air. It […]

Defeating the Cyber Bad Guys

Most companies are going to be staring down a cybercriminal. In fact, many have already been victimized, knowingly or unknowingly. C-SPAN’s series “The Communicators” recently aired an interview with iSight Partners CEO John Watters, who (with a few technical meanderings) has the talent for setting the landscape in plain English. As he puts it, “There’s […]