Monthly Archives: November 2018

What Is Media Training?

Media training is an integral part of a company’s communications strategy. Your spokespeople need a sense of how the media works and what it wants. That’s what a quality media training regimen delivers. Of equal importance, your C-suite executives must internalize your messaging and have the wherewithal to deliver it concisely and consistently. While most […]

Join the A+ Insider Team

In the course of writing my forthcoming book, A+ Strategies for C-Suite Communications: Turning Today’s Leaders into Tomorrow’s Influencers, I’m constantly surprised how many people find the authorship and publishing worlds fascinating (FYI, the publication date has been announced as January 8, 2019). Enlist as an Insider Maybe I’m just jaded, having been plugging along […]

Q&A Time: How to Build Your Magnetic Message

Shaping and delivering a magnetic message is one of the linchpins of your communications strategy. Some businesses struggle with the message development process. Here are some common questions with answers to help you and your C-suite make it a smoother path. Q: Who needs to be part of the message development effort? Take heed of […]

The Secret to Enhancing Your C-suite’s Public Persona

A lot of executives become perplexed when I tell them to scan the audience when delivering a presentation. It’s all part of the essential effort to assess feedback. They see their main job as delivering content. The reason they neglect this real-time check is that they are so busy thinking of what they are going […]