Monthly Archives: October 2020

Creating a First-class Media Relations Operation

Here’s an excerpt based on Chapter Five of my new book, Reporters Don’t Hate You: 100+ Amazing Media Relations Strategies, available wherever you prefer to buy your books. The chapter contains “Hot 100+ Media Tips.” This segment revolves around how your company can foster a top notch media relations shop. Bring your communications staffer with […]

How Does Zoom Change Media Relations Basics?

I’ve been asked quite a bit over the past few months about how one’s approach to media relations should change in light of the current glut of remote interviews. My answer? Not much. The only thing that has changed is the tool being used. True, many of us were not accustomed to remote on camera […]

Your Capitol Hill Fly-in Is Now a Zoom-in

No question about it. The coronavirus pandemic has created an entirely new Capitol Hill fly-in environment. Face to face meetings are all but impossible in the near term. Everyone has to adjust — your government relations staff, your advocates, Capitol Hill offices, and the consultant you work with to ready your troops. Will this at […]

Mailbag: Questions from the Online Road

I’ve had the recent pleasure of speaking before audiences at the National Institute for Lobbying & Ethics and the National Press Club. The appearances have all been on Zoom. There are many drawbacks to that technology, chief among them the lack of audience interaction before, during, and after the presentation. That said, there is one […]