Monthly Archives: April 2018

Hey, Ed, How Did You Get Interviewed on the CBS Evening News?

I’ve been hearing this question quite a bit since CBS News ran its lid-lifting piece on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Congressional testimony. I’m hoping you will find my experience helpful the next time a reporter approaches you. I wish I could say there was a grand plan to nab that interview in an attempt to […]

What You Can Learn from Mark Zuckerberg

Testifying on Capitol Hill is not easy. Testifying as a first-time witness is especially daunting. Testifying with the whole world watching is a real stomach-turner. That’s where Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg found himself this week as he testified for two consecutive days—on Tuesday before a joint meeting of the Senate Commerce and Judiciary Committees, and […]

Mark Zuckerberg Prepares to Walk the Plank

You may be a billionaire. You may have one of the most recognizable names on the planet. You may have a stable of advisors. Congress will not be impressed. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg faces an immense set of challenges when he ventures to Capitol Hill. He is due to testify today before a joint session […]

Ongoing Learning Helps Your Business Survive

As members of this C-suite Blueprint community recognize, I have long been on a campaign for sustained professional development. It is simply impossible to sharpen one’s communications edge without a long-term communications strategy plan. From both research and my own observations over the decades, it is clear that one session is not sufficient for executives […]