Monthly Archives: July 2019

Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?

Who would you rather do business with? The principled professional or the creepy fiend? In the real world the choices aren’t always that stark. Some shady characters are skilled at concealing their actual intent. Indeed, they consciously work to refine their shiftiness day in and day out. Oh, it’s not always a massive, pull the […]

An Engaged C-suite Can Spare Your Reputation

It is imperative for your CEO, chair of the board, and the board as a whole to assume responsibility for your company’s reputation. Smart organizations know that their board is a decision-making body. A board meeting is not a place to review how wonderful (or how awful) things are. A well-functioning board’s agenda needs to […]

What Is Your Company’s Most Treasured Asset?

Companies that manage reputational threats sufficiently prepare as best they can and assess their performance afterward in an effort to improve future performance. Leadership takes seriously the need for preparation and review to manage shocks to their reputation’s system. Smart businesses take a comprehensive approach to risk management, taking into account various risks including strategic, […]

What Is Your Audience Saying to You?

A lot of executives who speak in public become perplexed when I tell them to scan the audience. They see their main job as delivering their presentation. The reason they neglect this real-time check is that they are so busy thinking of what they are going to say next, they fear they will lose their […]

Assessing Feedback: Showing Good Form

Many people believe that assessing feedback when you speak in public begins and ends with an evaluation form. I suggest you use one, by all means. Make your questions open-ended and leave plenty of room for comments. Be sure to spend some time designing a form that unearths the data you need while keeping your […]