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Internalize to Verbalize

Whether you take advantage of a formal public speaking workshop or not, don’t ever neglect the need for practice. This does not mean simply giving your presentation a cursory once-over. You need plenty of rehearsal time before you are ready for the big show. An earnest practice regimen is the single biggest key to successful […]

The First Key to Great Presentations

How vital is preparation when it comes to speaking in public? Let me give it to you straight. I can guarantee that your presentation will fall apart if you do not prepare. That means lost customers if you operate a business; fewer votes if you are a public servant; and embarrassment, no matter who you […]

When You Don’t Have All the Time in the World

While leading a presentation skills training workshop, it became clear to me that the speakers were trying to cram too much content into too small a time frame. The content was all good, but something had to give. I’d wager that this has happened to nearly everyone. I know it’s happened to me. You think […]

The Three Keys to Great Presentations: A Recap

I dug back into the archives and noticed that it has been some time since we’ve reviewed the foundation of public speaking. I call it the Three Keys to Great Presentations. Shortly after launching my consultancy more than 20 years ago, I observed that clients were searching for a straightforward method for learning how to […]

The Three Keys to Great Presentations: Take One

It has been a while since we last visited The Three Keys to Great Presentations. This seems like a good time to review this basic yet important method. What is the thinking behind this system? Early in my consulting career, I noticed that executives were sometimes overwhelmed when it came to sharpening their communications abilities. […]

Public Speaking Disaster Averted

It could have been a speechmaker’s disaster. I first got a sense of this when asked to lead a presentation skills workshop for four panelists—scientific researchers slated to share findings and opinions with an audience of their peers. When preparing to lead such projects, I always ask for copies of the presentations well ahead of […]

Five FAQs About Public Speaking

As I go about my rounds, I hear lots of questions about the art of public speaking. Here are some of the most common queries, complete with answers. I don’t like speaking in public. Do I have to do it? Of course not. We all have different strengths and preferences. If you hate the limelight, […]