Monthly Archives: December 2020

2021, Here We Come

Don’t worry. This is not going to be another one of those tiresome tirades about how awful 2020 has been and how glad we’ll all be to leave it behind (though all that is true). Rather, this is a look ahead to how we can arrange our 2021 communications and public affairs plans. It begins […]

Flavor and Fortify Your Message

I’ve long been an adherent that any message worth disseminating demands four strong legs — four main pillars that form the foundation of your argument. Yet there is so much more to do once you have your message in fine form. It’s time to dress it up, then prepare to stick to it. Add Some […]

Seeking the Right Strategic Communications Consultant

One longstanding publication of mine is ”A Buyer’s Guide to Communications Strategy Consultants,” now in its sixth edition. I initially wrote it more than a decade ago to help potential clients separate the wheat from the chaff, and have updated it periodically since. Why? Finding the right fit in an expert advisor can be a challenge […]

When to Memorize Your Presentation

There are certain questions about presentation skills that arise often: Do I need to memorize my speech? Is it okay to use notes during my remarks? Should I go with a full text speech? Don’t my slides act my notes? What this all boils down to is confidence, or a lack thereof. Many speakers I’ve […]