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Messaging: Greatest Hits

Your favorite bands and artists issue greatest hits collections every so often. Put out a few new albums, then harvest the best. So, I figured, why not take the same approach here on the C-suite Blueprint blog? Here is a greatest hits compilation of previous posts related to messaging — how to do it, who […]

Message + Discipline = Reputation

Does the public know all it should about your company? More to the point, how do they perceive your reputation? Here are just some of the questions — accompanied by some suggestions — that your C-suite, communications staff, and public policy principals should be contemplating: ? Are you seeking to raise the public profile of […]

Flavor and Fortify Your Message

I’ve long been an adherent that any message worth disseminating demands four strong legs — four main pillars that form the foundation of your argument. Yet there is so much more to do once you have your message in fine form. It’s time to dress it up, then prepare to stick to it. Add Some […]

Mailbag: Questions from the Online Road

I’ve had the recent pleasure of speaking before audiences at the National Institute for Lobbying & Ethics and the National Press Club. The appearances have all been on Zoom. There are many drawbacks to that technology, chief among them the lack of audience interaction before, during, and after the presentation. That said, there is one […]

Five Misunderstood Things About Messaging

The messaging surrounding your company’s critical issues poses interesting challenges. In my experience, there are two extremes. One end of the scale – let’s call it the scardy cat method — finds the effort overwhelmingly hard and complex when, in fact, they make it more difficult than it needs to be. The other extreme — […]

Is Your Message Missing Its Call to Action?

A recent paper in the Stanford Social Innovation Review titled “Stop Raising Awareness Already” supports a principle I’ve long been driving home to my clients: Most messaging lacks a clear call to action. The paper’s authors, Ann Christiano and Annie Neimand, both of the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications, argue that raising […]

The 11 Essential Elements to Magnetic Messaging

Consider your business and public policy goals. No matter how lofty or practical they may be, the central question becomes, how do you achieve them? Sorry to tell you there is no easy, one-size-fits-all messaging solution. It’s challenging work that smart companies undertake. Get ready, for we’re about to lay out a system featuring 11 […]