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How to Model a Magnetic Message

If you are looking for a fast route to sabotaging your reputation, I can think of no more direct path than neglecting your messaging efforts. So begins the second edition of “Eleven Elements to Model a Magnetic Message: How to Shape Your Story for the Press, Policymakers, and the Public,” the updated position paper I’m […]

Seizing a Seat at the Decision-making Table with Stephanie Craig

When strategy is the topic, or a crisis arises, who gets called into the corner office for their advice? The lawyers? Issue experts? Financial executives? Sure. Sadly, there is one component often missing — senior communications officers. Stephanie Craig considers that a potentially fatal flaw. Stephanie is a crisis and reputation strategist. She has served […]

CEO Pay: A Pro and Con Messaging Debate

It hardly qualifies as news that CEO pay is out of whack with the rest of the economy. While the typical CEO earned 21 times the amount of a median worker in 1965, that disparity ballooned to 351-fold in 2020. The U.S. Department of Labor found that hourly wages went up by 4.9 percent last […]

Creating Quotable Quotes

You strive to get the irresistible quote you delivered when talking with that reporter into their story. Your audience sits up and takes notice when you deliver a sizzling story. Policymakers suddenly get your point of view when you frame your issue in attractive terms. Media interviews, presentations, and advocacy efforts demand what I like […]

Ratchet Up Your Messaging Capabilities

There is a lot to organize as you plan for your dealings with the media. While I can’t promise smooth sailing every time, there are steps you can — and should — take to raise your odds for success. This column offers advice for enhancing your message development techniques. Does your messaging process need a […]

Six Major Messaging Mysteries

Constructing a message for key issues has flummoxed many a company. There is no singular best method for crafting a message, be it for a product launch, crisis situation, public policy initiative, or introduction of a new CEO. There are, however, plenty of wrong ways to go about it. What are six of the most […]

Preparing the Non-spokesperson to Meet the Media

Not all executives are primed to deal with the press. Some have come up through the ranks in accounting, sales, technology, or another discipline with little responsibility for appearing as the public face of your company. They haven’t paid particular attention to their communications skills because they haven’t needed to. Once they ascend to the […]