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Mangling the Language

Why are some business people out to strangle our sometimes beautiful — and, admittedly, sometimes confounding — language? Some do so with pride, taking the attitude that proper grammar doesn’t matter when speaking in public and participating in media interviews. The fact is in business it matters a great deal. Besides, what’s wrong with erring […]


Media Relations Q&A

I hear beaucoup questions during a typical media training workshop (and elsewhere along the way). Let’s cover five of them today in hopes they can help you fast forward your media interview skills. 1. Do I have to answer every question the reporter asks me? Yes and no. The yes part: It is vital to […]

Sound Bites: A Communications Contemplations Collection

Occasionally a fleeting idea rumbles through my brain. It may be only a sentence or paragraph, not something that merits an entire blog post or article, or forms the basis for a book. Just arbitrary thoughts about how we communicate in various situations. I’ve collected several of them here, and hope you will let me […]

When Your CEO Needs a Helping Hand

Your CEO needs some work to become more effective in public situations. Their knowledge of the industry is superb. They know all the players and have a good grasp of the strategy. But their communications skills? Let’s just say they could stand some sharpening. What can you do as your company’s chief communications officer when […]

Avoid the Know-it-all Syndrome

The know-it-all. It may be your boss, a colleague in another department, or the one you work with on a community project. They truly believe their learning curve stopped when that degree was conferred. A snippet of the lyrics from Stevie Wonder’s “He’s Misstra Know-It-All” sums it up nicely: Must be seen There’s no doubt […]

Pet Peeves: Communications Edition

All of us face life’s annoyances on a daily basis. Some are minor aggravations. A few spark an individual irritant. Others can be serious. Please indulge me when I share some of mine with you. I’ve tried to keep things more or less focused on communications and public affairs issues (though admit some tangential entries […]

Caveat Emptor

It can be a challenge finding the right communications strategy and training consultant. It matters who you entrust with your spokespeople’s ongoing improvement. Face the facts. Who wants to lose in the court of public opinion? Even a referral from a trusted source is no guarantee of a good fit. Why is this? One possibility: […]