The following is an excerpt from my newly published research report If You Thought 2020 Was Challenging; The Future of Professional Development in a Hybrid Working World. The onset of the pandemic in March 2020 necessitated a shift from in person professional development to remote learning. As challenging as this time was for all of […]

Character assassination. Reputational attacks. What are they? Who is at risk? Are they more widespread than ever? This edition of C-suite Blueprint Radio touches on those questions and more with Jennifer Keohane, assistant professor and director of oral communication at the University of Baltimore, and a co-founder of the Character Assassination and Reputation Politics research […]

As individuals, we demonstrate varying levels of breathiness, hoarseness, raspiness, and nasality. Some conditions are permanent; those afflicted with asthma, for instance. At times it is a passing ailment, such as when we suffer from a cold. Nearly everyone faces temporary hoarseness or raspiness on occasion. The best advice I can give if you are […]

Hooray for WITF. The Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, NPR affiliate has opted to hold its news sources to a common sense standard, as highlighted in Margaret Sullivan’s Washington Post column “The politicians who tried to overturn an election — and the local news team that won’t let anyone forget it.” Sullivan, the newspaper’s media columnist, writes, “Too […]

We talk about the how to’s of podcasting with John Gilroy on this edition of C-suite Blueprint Radio. For 25 years, Gilroy appeared as one of the Computer Guys on Washington, D.C.’s NPR affiliate, WAMU. He has penned more than 500 technology columns for The Washington Post among others, and spent 10 years as an […]

I’ve done a fair amount of research into nonverbal communications over the years. As with any research, I am always careful to adequately vet my sources of information. When it comes to nonverbal matters, I lean on trusted experts like Paul Ekman, Albert Mehrabian, and Joe Navarro. Then there are the pretenders. I recall one […]

Not long ago, I was involved in a LinkedIn discussion about full text speeches — the type where you read verbatim from a TelePrompTer or a hard copy script. Someone asked whether they were preferred over notes or bullet points. Several people responded emphatically that they would never recommend a full text speech (though, as […]