In a recent piece in the C-suite Blueprint, I wrote about the fixation many businesses have with trying to measure everything (“Not Everything Can Be Measured,” May 1, 2018). To summarize, while there is nothing inherently wrong with gauging various indicators, not everything can be neatly packaged in a numeric box. How can you place a […]

I sometimes sound like a broken record when it comes to sustained professional development programs for your C-suite leaders. When reading for business or pleasure, I’m forever conscious of research and opinion that buttresses this contention. Anecdotally, I’ve seen too many communications and government relations initiatives that sacrifice long-term benefits for a nearsighted “check the […]

Communications and government relations executives now have a fresh resource to help them advise their C-suite executives. Introducing the “Communications Community.” Every month, members gain strategic guidance on how to assert their communications strategy, deal with the media, deliver winning presentations, and advocate before policymakers. You don’t always have time for an in depth dive […]

Winning communications strategy and messaging derive from robust debate. Having a bunch of people around the table who march in lock step is a sure recipe for a porous message. They are blind to potential weak spots and, more risky, incoming fire. Charlan Nemeth, in her book In Defense of Troublemakers, holds that sound decision […]

Cocktail party chatter. Before long, the conversation typically turns to the predictable question, “What do you do?” When asked, I explain my work with communications and government relations executives who advise their C-suite leaders on reputational and public policy issues. Sometimes that sparks a conversation, sometimes not. Next, I make mention of the fact that […]

Your nonverbal communication matters. Whether you are addressing an audience, dealing with reporters, working to persuade policymakers, or talking with your C-suite leadership, your “body language” comes into play when you connect in any situation. My latest video, “How Important Are Nonverbal Signals?” puts things into context. Yes, those you interact with are listening to […]

Last week we discussed how to prepare for an audio interview, either via radio talk shows or podcasts, as well as differences and similarities between the two media. Let us now turn to you in the studio, ready to perform. There is rarely reason for apprehension. Believe me, your host wants your interview to go […]