This edition of C-suite Blueprint Radio features a conversation with Jonathan Salant, Washington Correspondent for New Jersey Advance Media. He is also the president of the Regional Reporters Association. That association consists of journalists who cover the nation’s capital for their hometown newspapers, both print and online. Its website notes that members “help each other […]

Regular readers are well familiar with my plea for executives to take special heed of the need to sharpen their communications edge over time. A one-time training experience will likely provide some minimal and short-term benefit. The real pros who are committed to helping their companies work toward their business and public policy goals realize […]

People seem fascinated by authors. I don’t say this to puff up my own profile. I recall feeling the same way as a reader before publishing my first book. Looking at it from the outside, it does seem a daunting endeavor — writing many thousands of words. Shaping them into a coherent flow. Dividing the […]

Here’s an excerpt from my new book, Reporters Don’t Hate You: 100+ Amazing Media Relations Strategies, available wherever books are sold. A reporter’s thought process dictates that you cut right to the chase. Reporters want your headline first, then your lead paragraph, then the rich filling of examples, numbers, third-party support, and so forth. This […]

Advice on how to look like a pro at your next Zoom meeting. A rundown of communications resources offered gratis during the pandemic. Opinion on artificial “news” sites cropping up online. Ideas for keeping your business book club afloat in these trying times. Those are just some of the stories you’ll find in the “Communications […]

This edition of C-suite Blueprint Radio features a conversation with Neil Foote, of Foote Communications. He is also the president of the National Black Public Relations Society. The topic? How the heightened attention to social justice is affecting the communications field and those who work in it. The society has 400-plus members comprised of public […]

Are you eager to learn from the experts about vital communications issues like how to prepare for satellite media interviews, what it takes to pitch big-time interview programs, and why bottom up communications outshines top down? And what should you heed if you’re a reporter considering a shift from journalism to communications? I examine issues […]