Ethics matter. That may seem like an obvious principle. In today’s world, however, it bears emphasis. Certain news sources have decided that it is perfectly fine to lie to reporters, voters, consumers, and others. Worse, they fear no consequences. It is viewed as a way of ginning up even more fervent support from those who […]

If you are involved in business, you are often drafted to speak in public in some way, shape, or form. It may be to a handful of internal colleagues, a Zoom meeting, a TV interview, or in testimony before Congress. Under no circumstances do you want to bore your audience to tears. Here’s one technique […]

If you haven’t discovered the Insider Strategies briefs yet, you’re in for a treat. These quick-hitting one-pagers are designed to help you attain your career ambitions and move your company toward achieving its business and public policy goals. This sampler contains advice to enhance your relationships with reporters. The fact is there are certain expressions […]

If you’ve already read A+ Strategies for C-Suite Communications: Turning Today’s Leaders into Tomorrow’s Influencers, you know that Chapter Seven covers the value of communications training for media outreach, public speaking campaigns, and advocacy efforts. It is intended to help you sustain your C-suite’s professional development over the long run. A big part of that […]

Sometimes communications strategy consulting is not about media training or presentation skills workshops. At the risk of being too obvious, it’s about the strategy. It revolves around issues like these: What is your public’s view of your company’s reputation? Do they even know you exist? Are they aware of what you can do to make […]

Constructing a message for key issues has flummoxed many a company. There is no singular best method for crafting a message, be it for a product launch, crisis situation, public policy initiative, or introduction of a new CEO. There are, however, plenty of wrong ways to go about it. What are six of the most […]

“How Important Are Nonverbal Signals?” That is the question at hand — and the title — for the recently updated position paper (read on to learn how you can get your copy). I dealt with the question of how we handle such signals on Zoom calls in an earlier post. Now let’s take a look […]