Every audience is different. That means that your approach to every presentation must be unique. Your goal may be to persuade, inform, or entertain. Regardless, executives who speak in public need to determine who is in the house and what they need to understand. After all, when you have completed your remarks, you do want […]

If you are looking for a fast route to sabotaging your reputation, I can think of no more direct path than neglecting your messaging efforts. So begins the second edition of “Eleven Elements to Model a Magnetic Message: How to Shape Your Story for the Press, Policymakers, and the Public,” the updated position paper I’m […]

What does the term “embargo” mean to a reporter? When do you need to wear an IFB? Why is the First Amendment so important to a free press? The answers can be found in Reporters Don’t Hate You: 100+ Amazing Media Relations Strategies. One of the book’s features is a reporter’s glossary covering dozens of […]

There are certain questions I’ve learned to anticipate when it comes to sharpening a client’s powers of public speaking. Let’s take a look at a few of these common queries. Q: What is the best method for improving my speaking abilities? A: Nothing beats diligent, sustained practice. Don’t settle for a lone superficial run-through. You […]

The nation’s attention in recent weeks has been riveted on the hearings of the House of Representatives Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol. These hearings are atypical. Many of the features are unlike anything you are likely to experience when you testify. It’s more than the substance. It’s […]

Each of us has our own ethical standards. Some are comfortable dancing closer to the line than others. Then there are those who smash right through it, truth be damned. That’s what has befallen USA Today as the newspaper was forced to remove 23 articles penned by its reporter Gabriela Miranda. In a brief mea […]

I trust you are finding some time to kick back and put your feet up as summertime officially dawns. Are you looking for some beach reading suggestions? Well, I can’t promise an edge-of-your-seat mystery, but I can add to your ongoing professional development regimen. Yes, it’s important to keep advancing your communications talents, even during […]