News sources from the C-suite to the most junior issue expert serve themselves well when they become acquainted with the vernacular used by reporters. Below are terms of art relative to the journalistic trade listed alphabetically from J to O. Earlier articles described the lingo from A to C, and from D to I. Familiarity […]


Shared presentations have their advantages. Multi-speaker talks give audience members varying perspectives, ease the heavy lift of carrying a solo speech, and can draw a larger and more diverse audience to your cause. However, there is a catch. More advance preparation is a must if you hope to pull off a stellar co-presentation. Here are […]

Who do you hold in high regard as a spokesperson? Who’s a real dud? These are questions I hear on occasion. You probably don’t have to look all that far. It doesn’t need to be a famous name. It doesn’t need to be corporate CEO, think tank luminary, or politician (the latter of which, for […]

Why commit time and resources to a media training program for your company and spokespeople? It’s a fair enough question, especially for businesses that are new to the concept. We can separate the advantages into two categories: Benefits to the company Benefits to the individual participants Odds are you are not undertaking media training on […]

There are plenty of oft-asked (and other infrequently asked) questions when it comes to dealing with the media. Let’s review some of them here in a quick-hitting exploration (for those who want to skip to the more complete analysis, check out Reporters Don’t Hate You: 100+ Amazing Media Relations Strategies). How can spokespeople improve their […]

Every now and then I like to pretend I own a crystal ball and can accurately peer into the future. Some forecasts turn out right; others wrong; others too early to judge. Still, it’s a fun exercise to keep one’s mind nimble and forward-thinking. Allow me to share some of my prognostications with you here. […]

There’s more to business than the numbers. While there’s no question that finances are important, reputational risk also poses a substantial threat to a company’s health. To drive that point home, I’ve updated and reissued my position paper “Beyond the Bottom Line: 10 Ways to Reduce Reputational Risk.” The revised resource advises executives how to […]