I like to play a game in my own mind. Pretending I’m still a reporter, I sketch out questions to ask names in the news. I’m talking about the real questions reporters would like to ask but too often don’t for fear of losing access to a valued source or of confrontation and contentiousness. Additionally, […]


There is but one digital media outlet that seems worth the time and trouble for professionals these days: LinkedIn. Note that I am not talking about advertising on such channels or revealing tidbits about your personal life. Rather, the focus here is on communicating effectively and meaningfully with business colleagues. Services like Facebook and TikTok […]

Following is an excerpt based on the second edition of The Truth About Public Speaking: The Three Keys to Great Presentations. Buy it at your favorite bookseller. There is a step you must take before you ever start organizing your presentation. It is one that all too many people ignore: Deciding whether or not to […]

One sure way to alienate an audience or a reporter is to talk past them. If you flat out disregard their question, you’re toast. The bottom line: Spin is a sin. You can witness this classic transgression by watching the Sunday morning talk shows (Meet the Press et al.). This can be an exercise in […]

How does your organization prepare for Capitol Hill lobby days? When your advocates arrive in Washington, D.C., to promote your top issues, have you prepared them adequately for verbal jousts with members of Congress and their staffs? You’ll find practical answers in the newly revised position paper, “Five Minutes with Your Member of Congress: Navigating […]

Why are some business people out to strangle our sometimes beautiful — and, admittedly, sometimes confounding — language? Some do so with pride, taking the attitude that proper grammar doesn’t matter when speaking in public and participating in media interviews. The fact is in business it matters a great deal. Besides, what’s wrong with erring […]

When the reporter opens a notebook, fires the third degree at you under the klieg lights, or poses questions over Zoom, it’s your job to deliver your company’s magnetic message powerfully and succinctly. Put yourself ahead of the game by using these rules: NOTE: This is an excerpt from my latest book, Insider Strategies for […]