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When to Memorize Your Presentation

There are certain questions about presentation skills that arise often: Do I need to memorize my speech? Is it okay to use notes during my remarks? Should I go with a full text speech? Don’t my slides act my notes? What this all boils down to is confidence, or a lack thereof. Many speakers I’ve […]

Playing in the Key of B

Here is a question that stumps many an individual: Why do you need to use slides during your entire presentation? In many cases, you only need to reference them for part of your talk. When you must display something visually or graphically, or drive home a really important point in big, bold letters, slides make […]

Prep Time for Q&A

Audiences remember stupid things if a speaker gives them good reason. They will long carry a vivid memory of the presenter who stammered, shook, sweated, and recoiled when asked even the simplest question. The question and answer session is the make or break part of any presentation. That is one of the basic truths about […]

Grab Your Audience by the Ears

There is a classic 1970s television comedy sketch performed by Bob Newhart in which he plays psychiatrist Robert Hartley. The good doctor is interviewed on a morning TV show in Chicago by a sweet-sounding interviewer who turns out to be a pit bull. During the lead in to the interview, she accuses him of quackery […]

The Three Keys to Great Presentations: A Recap

I dug back into the archives and noticed that it has been some time since we’ve reviewed the foundation of public speaking. I call it the Three Keys to Great Presentations. Shortly after launching my consultancy more than 20 years ago, I observed that clients were searching for a straightforward method for learning how to […]

A Scary Halloween Tale: The Lavatory Lecturer

Let’s get in the Halloween spirit with a spooky tale of a presentation that would gross out even Freddy Krueger. The conference speaker in question scared the wits out of everyone in her audience when she took a restroom break, resulting the dreaded “oops” moment, Yup, she forgot to turn off her microphone. The Parade […]

Slide Show No-nos

Using slides during your presentations is strictly a matter of personal preference. If you find them useful in a particular situation and you feel comfortable with the equipment, great. If you are frightened by your laptop or simply don’t care for the technology, keep it out of your repertoire. Here is a handy list of […]