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Simulations Generate Communications Success

Today’s dispatch is an entry from the Insider Strategies briefs series. This is just one of the resources you can choose to receive when you join the Communications Community. See the details below on how you can get yours. Do you want to improve your organization’s media interview and public speaking talents? Try conducting simulations […]

Insider Strategies Are Yours for the Asking

I spent a good chunk of the holiday break assembling a series of Insider Strategies resources. The goal of these quick-hitting one-pagers? To help you sharpen your communications edge. More to the point, these thought pieces exist to help you reach your career ambitions and to move your company toward achieving its business and public […]

Everyday I Write the Book

It’s time for a sneak peek into my next book. What’s it about? Hot 100 media strategies. For all the media training projects I’ve led over the years, neither of my first two books dealt specifically with press relations. This ameliorates that gap. It takes a lifetime to prepare to meet the media. It only […]

Staying in Shape

Last week I talked about what it might take to emerge from our pandemic in reasonably solid business shape. Today I want to bring this into clearer focus. Here’s what I’m suggesting to clients (and anyone else who will listen). Focus on these two things: Commit to keeping your communications skills sharp. Review videos of […]

How to Moderate a Video Conference

Most of us have in recent weeks participated in countless video calls. Some report growing tired of them. I understand if you are employed by a company that forces you to attend even when the purpose seems specious. It makes you wonder if they just want to see what your kitchen/dining room/bedroom look like. Me? […]

A Range of Resources to Keep Your Head Above Water

The past few weeks have been a blur for all of us. Was it really less than a month ago we were all told to stay home? Could it be possible that I have not used Washington’s Metro subway since last month? Why is this monk-like existence beginning to feel customary? My sense is that […]

Prepare Your Strategic Training Consultant

There are a lot of elements to pull together if the communications training program for your C-suite is to prove of strategic benefit. The groundwork can be broken down into five main categories: Prepare the participants. Prepare your training consultant. Prepare other internal staff. Prepare the training facility. Prepare the training curriculum. Today our focus […]