Do You Believe in New Year’s Resolutions?

Judging by today’s date (yes, nearing the end of January), you can probably guess that I am not much of one for new year resolutions. It strikes me as little more than an artificial construct to make promises that are destined to go unfulfilled.

Hand, To Do List, Check, Strategy, Mark, PlanningWith that said, I admit it; I’m caving in to the trend. So here are my top three resolutions for executives seeking to sharpen their communications edge:

  1. Hammer out your message before you talk to one more reporter, deliver your next presentation, or attempt to persuade your members of Congress.
  2. Practice diligently every time you prepare to communicate in public.
  3. Use your nonverbal skills to reinforce your message.

If you could add one more item to our list, what would it be?


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