FAQ: How Do We Decide Which of Our Staff Members Need Training?

Here’s another in our 2015 series of quick-hitting answers to questions that arise surrounding communications training. We’ll be dealing with these FAQs throughout the year.

Today’s issue: Who gets to participate in a media training, presentation skills, or Congressional testimony training session?

Learn, Clock, Clock Face, Time, HoursOf course, there is no pat answer that applies to every organization. So here’s a good rule of thumb: Those who speak in public and address the press are top candidates. This population varies from organization to organization. A company launching a new product, for instance, may have a large cadre of individuals while an association testifying before Congress may need to sharpen only the CEO’s communications edge.

Some organizations use participation in such a workshop as a reward for outstanding performance or as an incentive for an up and coming executive. An open conversation with your communications training consultant should give you the guidance you need to decide who makes the cut and when. After all, communications training is not a one-time experience, so there should be plenty of future opportunities for new and repeat executives.

What’s your most frequently asked question about communications training? Ask away in the Comments section below and I’ll get to as many as possible. And thanks in advance for being part of The Media Training Blog community.


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