Prepare to Get What You Want from Congress

This is how a company should prepare its CEO to testify before Congress. A recent testimony training workshop offers a model for how to make the most of that appearance before members of Congress who hold your fate in their hands.

The ingredients for success? 1) An eager and inquisitive CEO, 2) government relations and communications staffs that know how to team up effectively, and 3) a workshop to sharpen the executive’s oral statement and performance at the witness table.

Congress, Conference, Policy, Politician

The importance of internal cooperation cannot be overemphasized. I’ve seen organizations who keep their communications and government relations teams siloed. This does not make for a pleasant experience when preparing to testify on Capitol Hill. If the CEO doesn’t see this, your consultant should, to the extent possible, step in and encourage that they play nice together. Fortunately for our CEO, his staff worked in perfect harmony.

At the conclusion of his workshop, he owned a five-minute statement that truly was five minutes. The draft we began with clocked in around seven minutes. Not good, as running over time and tripping that red light risks incurring the wrath of the committee chair. Our witness also gained a firmer grasp of how to act while testifying. Also of importance, he earned an enhanced ability to deal with the tough questions anticipated from the members of Congress.

The result? A successful appearance that advanced his public policy goals, elevated the prestige of his company, and raised his personal profile.

I encourage you to share your tales of success on Capitol Hill.

And be sure to stay tuned for a major announcement designed to help you strengthen your Capitol Hill testimony appearances. Coming soon.


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