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Introducing Ed-itorials

You may know that I’m a former radio broadcaster. I loved the medium and the ability to create wordscapes — to let the listener paint their own pictures. I can’t count the number of times I met listeners and was greeted with “Oh, that’s what you look like” (while I fantasized that many of them […]

Today’s Journalism, Social Justice, How to Land on “Meet the Press” — A C-suite Blueprint Radio Roundup

Every now and then I have this fantasy of returning to the radio airwaves (there are occasional dreams along those lines, too). It will never happen. The industry has had too much of the creativity sucked out of it. What I’ve done instead is turn to a series of interviews here known as C-suite Blueprint […]

The Debut of C-suite Blueprint Radio

Today begins a new chapter for your humble blogger — the advent of C-suite Blueprint Radio. I’m excited by the prospect of dusting off my radio broadcasting skills and adding audio programming to the mix here. I’ll be interviewing a range of experts on matters related to communications and public affairs strategy. The Q&A is […]

What to Do When the “On Air” Light Blazes

Last week we discussed how to prepare for an audio interview, either via radio talk shows or podcasts, as well as differences and similarities between the two media. Let us now turn to you in the studio, ready to perform. There is rarely reason for apprehension. Believe me, your host wants your interview to go […]

Podcast Preparation Possibilities

I love radio. I spent a decade as a broadcaster, learning a lot and having a ton of fun. Sadly, the medium is not what it used to be. Local radio has all but disappeared, news departments at commercial stations are a long-forgotten relic, and hardly a shred of creativity remains. This slack has been […]

Live Interviews and News Conferences

Looking for more tips on how to perform in your dealings with the press? Try out these morsels: Control the flow during a news conference. You choose who asks questions in what order. Do not allow your news conference to drag on endlessly. Set your time limit and stick to it. Assign one person the […]