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Introducing Ed-itorials

You may know that I’m a former radio broadcaster. I loved the medium and the ability to create wordscapes — to let the listener paint their own pictures. I can’t count the number of times I met listeners and was greeted with “Oh, that’s what you look like” (while I fantasized that many of them […]

Staying in Shape

Last week I talked about what it might take to emerge from our pandemic in reasonably solid business shape. Today I want to bring this into clearer focus. Here’s what I’m suggesting to clients (and anyone else who will listen). Focus on these two things: Commit to keeping your communications skills sharp. Review videos of […]

A Range of Resources to Keep Your Head Above Water

The past few weeks have been a blur for all of us. Was it really less than a month ago we were all told to stay home? Could it be possible that I have not used Washington’s Metro subway since last month? Why is this monk-like existence beginning to feel customary? My sense is that […]

Rising to the Communications Challenges Posed by Coronavirus

These are not normal times. I’m understating the case by several degrees, I realize. What are we to do when the real world comes to a grinding, scary coronavirus-instigated halt? Your company’s communications with the outside world must adapt. Face it. You will not be able to impart your message with maximum efficiency, so adjust […]

The Reluctant Communicator: A Strategy for Improvement

Let us consider two questions that prove perplexing for many businesses. First, why do C-suite influencers, board members, and issue experts need to master communications skills? Second, how can you encourage the reluctant executives among you to improve? An answer to the first question seems patently obvious. Superior communications skills are essential if you want […]

What Is Your Company’s Most Treasured Asset?

Companies that manage reputational threats sufficiently prepare as best they can and assess their performance afterward in an effort to improve future performance. Leadership takes seriously the need for preparation and review to manage shocks to their reputation’s system. Smart businesses take a comprehensive approach to risk management, taking into account various risks including strategic, […]

When Disaster Strikes

Industrial accident. Hurricane. Scandal involving your CEO. Wildfire. Your reputation is under siege. Crises wait in the wings for every company. You will not know precisely what shape your catastrophe will take. You will not know precisely when it will happen. You will not know the level of its severity. All that is guaranteed is […]